Natural Poultry & Eggs

Fryers and Roasters:
Raised on Pasture April through November, these wide breasted birds eat grass and bugs and receive plenty of sunshine and exercise. Because they reach maturity at only 7 weeks, you are always guaranteed a lean, tender and flavorful meal. These Chickens dress out at 5 to 8 pounds apiece.

Stewing Hens:
These chickens are of the egg laying breeds so they mature at 6 months plus. They are good for frying with great flavor, but will be on the tougher side and are recommended for Soups and Stews. They are also raised outside and are given unlimited access to bugs, grass and sunshine.

Egg Layers:
All of our birdhouses are opened early in the morning allowing the chickens to roam and graze freely throughout the day, and closed in the evening after the hens have roosted. When ordering our eggs expect to receive a variety of sizes and colors because we house about 12 different breeds, all varying in size and color themselves. The yolks of our eggs will be darker in color (sometimes almost a complete orange, depending on the season) and stand taller than any store bought egg because of the freshness of the egg and the diet of the hen. The true test is their flavor - you must try them for yourself.

Grass fed chicken and eggs are much higher in Omega 3's and much lower in Omega 6's than commercially raised poultry and eggs. Available:

  • Chicken - Whole Roasters/Fryers (7lb. average)
  • Chicken - Halves
  • Chicken - Cut-up
  • Chicken - Stewing Hens
  • Special Order Chicken - Quartered with a variety of marinades
  • Advance Order 10 Chickens and Receive the 11th @ 1/2 price
  • Eggs - available by the dozen in white and brown, nest run, washed

Take delivery of a broad breasted American bronze turkey in October to save $5.00.

Fresh (never frozen) turkeys are also available by request. No discount on these because of
the extra handling on our part. It's worth it though. There's nothing like a fresh turkey.

Heritage turkeys are only available on a first ordered/first served basis. Fresh Thanksgiving
broad breasted bronze are also limited, so do order early.

Chicken and Delicious Eggs...

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