Natural Dairy Products

Grass-fed Milk, Yogurt & Cheese
Only local , hormone & antibiotic free milk is used.
Ruegsegger Farms provides you with the freshest, highest quality dairy products available!

Grass fed Milk: This single source product comes directly from our Cousins Grade A Dairy Farm. The cows live on lush green pasture day & night. After the cows are milked in the morning, the milk is bottled and sometimes even in your refrigerator the same day.
The milk is pasteurized to only 150 degrees, this allows the healthy enzymes to survive and makes a much healthier product for you to consume. Our milk is non-homogenized, this allows the cream to separate, help seal the glass bottle, and give you a more digestible, nutritious, and best tasting glass of moo juice you have ever tasted.
Farm Fresh Milk in returnable glass bottles of pints, quarts, & half gallons contain: Cream, Skim, Whole, and Chocolate Milk.

Grass fed Yogurt: Yep, you guessed it! Our yogurt is made from the same grass-fed farm fresh milk! Low fat, and incubated right in the cup. No stabilizers are needed! Safer, healthier, & better tasting. Available in 24 oz. cups are Plain & Vanilla. The six ounce single serving cups contain Raspberry, Strawberry, Peach, & Blueberry.

Farm Fresh Grass Fed Milk delivered to your door in glass bottles.

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Cheese anyone? We have Fresh Goat Cheese from Dream Farm in Cross Plains. Wow! This stuff is incredible!!!
Have you tried our Grand Champion Gruyere or Basement Cured Grand Queso?
Grass-fed, Raw Milk, Organic, Goat, Sheep, Baby & Aged Swiss, Fudge, Smoked, Fresh Curds, 10 year Cheddar, low fat Farmers with all the flavor of a full fat cheese, raw milk spreads, and many, many more!
Check them all out on our Cheese ORDER page    


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